MiamiOur Miami boxspring (box height 32cm) is extremely suitable for five star hotels and resorts . Carried by four  6 cm high PVC block legs it gives this boxspring an enormous luxury look in every hotel room. The construction is as follows. Based on a 12 cm high wooden frame, 4 turns Bonell springs are placed. The whole is foamed with high quality comfortable polyester. For the upholstering there are different possibilities. Different skai leathers and fabric are available in different colors. Extra options: fire retardant treatment for the skai leather or fabric, connectable with metal connector or Velcro and anti skid zones on the middel part.

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Construction of the Miami boxspring

Solid build whitewood frame (12cm high).
Layer of sound damping fiberfill.
Bonell 4 coil springs (wire thickness 2,4mm!!).
Foamed around with comfortable polyether.
Upholstered with imitation leather or fabric.
4 black PVC  legs (6 cm high).
 Different skai leathers and  fabrics are available in different colours


Connected by metal connector or Velcro.
Upper middle side of box-spring with anti skid material.
Extra band steel frame for Bonell 4 coil springs which gives more strength at the upper edge.
Boxspring uphostered with  fire retardant skai leather.


Each Miami boxspring is packed in a very strong plastic packaging. Legs are packed separately and need to be attached by the customer.
On the packaging there is a sticker with the name and sizes of the product.

Upholstering materials and sizes


Click on colours or sizes to get more information.

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