DoverIntertras offers two kinds of wooden slatted bed frames. A fixed slatted frame with 2 x 14 connected wooden slats.  And a wooden slatted frame with an electric engine which gives you the possibility to adjust the slatted bed frame. Both slatted frames have the option to adjust the hardness of the middle part as well as weight settings. We only supply slatted bed frames in combination with one of our mattresses.



Construction of the Dover slatted frameB go back logo

2 x 14 (28 pieces) adjustable slats inclusive hardness adjustment of the middle part as well as weight settings.
Electric engine to adjust position of head/back part, middle part and leg part.


Each Dover is packed in a very strong plastic packaging.
On the packaging there is a sticker with the name and sizes of the product.

Other miscellaneous

Bed skirt

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