4For the sales of our hotel boxsprings, our mattresses and accessories we only work with hotel project interior designers. We do this for The Netherlands as well as the countries around us. The hotel project interior designers are in good contact with their customers, the end user of our products.

In the past couple of years our company has grown strongly which was possible thanks to our quality combined with our keenly price. Because of this we have become one of the most important players in the area of hotel boxspring beds. Not only Dutch companies find their way to Intertras. Also many companies from abroad do. By supplying the quality and services we stand for we build a long-term relationship with every customer. 

With our collection of hotel boxsprings beds, mattresses and accessories we not only supply to hotels, resorts and holiday parks. Our mattresses are also used by hospitals and homes for elderly. Our to manufacturers of mobile homes, caravans and ships. They also order their mattresses from Intertras. Besides we produce a student bed which is supplied to different student houses through the project interior designers. In short.we have an extended range of customers.


Hotels, resorts and holiday parks

Boxspringbed website 2Intertras works together with project interior designers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. Through these project interior designers our products are sold to budget hotels, middle class hotels and  high end hotels. Furthermore we supply through these customers  to holiday parks home and abroad. Intertras knows the requirements which are requested by the hotels and holiday parks. With our high quality materials we bear these demands.


SSR_13_Interieur_Hotel_Superior-Room_hotelkamer_Manhattan_ss-Rotterdam_RV_WH-1024x688Special mattresses for  cruise ships or (motor)yachts can be produced by Intertras in any design you like. Of course the fire safety is a very important aspect.  Intertras is IMO as well as Lloyds (MED) certified. The inside (the foam) as well as the outside (the cover) can be fire-retardant or fire resistant.



 Campers and mobile homes

KG-47-TDB1Are you going on a holiday by camper or mobile home? In any case a good matrass is important. You will start your day well rested. with our own production we can produce any size. We supply our mattresses to suppliers of campers and mobile homes. Of course we can supply the inside material as well as the outside material in fire-retardant or fire resistant.



Hospitals and homes for elderly

ziekenhuisbed 2Intertras has a big range of mattresses in different materials. With this collection we can meet the needs of hospitals and homes for elderly. With our PU covers we are able to make our mattresses waterproof..