GenovaTopper Genova is a very luxurious, comfortable topper. It has a total thickness of 8 cm. The core of 6 cm consists of a filling of slow recovery foam (core of SG45). The thickness and filling brings something extra to the Genova  compared to our topper Bologna. The cover of the topper is a topstitched double cloth. The zipper makes it possible to remove the cover easily for cleaning purposes. We offer our standard sizes  but different sizes in length, width and height are always possible. Extra option: the Genova topper can be supplied with fire retardant treatment.

Construction of the Genova topperB go back logo

Core is made of slow recovery foam.
Core is provided with double cloth cover which is removable by a zipper.


Core can be  uphostered with  flame resistant double cloth cover.


Each Genova topper is packed in a very strong plastic packaging.
On the packaging there is a sticker with the name and sizes of the product.

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